SATSAbout Us

Proudly Australian owned and operated Smoke Alarm Testing Services is a National Company operating throughout Australia and was founded by Jeremy Batten, a former Licensed Real Estate Agent.

After identifying continual changes to legislation, Jeremy discovered that most Real Estate Agents and Landlords weren’t complying with their obligations under the relevant governing acts. This can not only be detrimental and fatal to the occupier but also to the Agent and Landlord under their duty of care responsibilities.

"A Real Estate Agents role is to sell and manage properties, in the best interest of their Vendor / Property Investor, and are not equipped nor experienced in the installation, testing and servicing of smoke alarms. Imagine a Property Manager having to have the experience, knowledge and qualifications to successfully conduct the minimum testing and servicing requirements, then having to carry ladders, tools, batteries, and testing logs with them to each property, surely other parts of their job would suffer" says Jeremy.

Having previously owned and operated his own agency Jeremy also identified other issues that may arise from the "do it yourself" attitude such as insurance, time management, work cover, equipment purchases and... the list goes on.

So why would you risk doing it yourself ?