Smoke Alarms

  • Description

    While smoke alarms may all look very similar, there may be quite different in the way they work.

    There are essentially two types of Smoke Alarms, Photo electric and Ionisation, and both are designed to detect fires differently to each other. They operate at either end of the spectrum of fire detection.

    Additionally, there are special alarms for specials needs, such as for the hearing impaired or for particular parts of buildings


Photo-Electric Smoke Alarms

  • Description

    Photo-electric smoke alarms 'see' smoke.

    They detect visible particles of combustion, eg. smouldering cigarette smoke. They respond to a wide range of fires, but they are particularly responsive to smouldering fires and the dense smoke given off by foam filled furnishings or overheated PVC wiring.

  • Advantages
    • -
      Good for smouldering fire and dense smoke
    • -
      Not as prone to cooking nuisance alarms as ionisation alarms
    • -
      Contain no radioactive material
    • -
      Suitable for general use
  • Disadvantages
    • -
      Slightly more expensive than ionisation alarms
    • -
      Nuisance alarms can occasionally occur from dust and insects
    • -
      They must be kept clean

Ionisation Smoke Alarms

  • Description

    Ionisation smoke alarms 'feel' smoke.

    They detect invisible particles of combustion, eg. from cooking toast. They activate more quickly for fast, flaming fires with little visible smoke.

  • Advantages
    • -
      Slightly cheaper than other types of smoke alarms
    • -
      Very good with fast flaming fires with little visible smoke
    • -
      Less prone to false alarms caused by dust and steam
    • -
      Suitable for general use
  • Disadvantages
    • -
      Can be susceptible to nuisance alarms if placed too close to cooking
    • -
      May be slow to respond to slow smouldering fires
    • -
      Contain a very small amount of radioactive material

Alarms for the Hearing Impaired

  • Description

    Conventional smoke alarms are not effective in alerting those with hearing impairments. A visual warning device which can be interconnected to the smoke or heat alarm can be obtained.

    Some models include an intense flashing strobe light in the control panel, along with a vibration pad which can be placed under the pillow and which will arouse the sleeping occupant in an emergency. The control panel will often have an ancillary socket for attaching an additional strobe light (e.g. to give an alarm downstairs during the day) or an extra vibration pad.

    People who wish to purchase smoke alarms for the Hearing Impaired should contact the relevant association in their state for information on where they can be sourced.

  • Relevant Associations

    Deafness Resources Australia

    Phone:1800 555 201

    TTY:1800 555 203

    Fax:(02) 9895 2972

    Website:Deafness Resources Australia

    Deafness Forum of Australia

    218 Northbourne Ave

    Braddon ACT 2612

    (02) 6262 7808

    Website:Deafness Forum of Australia

    Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH)

    1334 Pacific Highway

    Turramurra NSW 2074

    (02) 9144 7586

    Website:Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH)

    Better Hearing Australia

    (Sydney Branch)

    29 Burwood Road

    Concord NSW 2137

    (02) 9744 0167

    Website:Better Hearing Australia

    Deaf Society of NSW

    PO Box 1060

    Parramatta, NSW 2124

    Phone:(02) 9893 8555

    TTY:(02) 9893 8333

    Fax:(02) 9893 8858

    Website:Deaf Society of NSW

    Australian Association of the Deaf

    (Sydney office)

    PO Box 4681

    North Rocks NSW 2151

    (02) 9871 8400

Testimonials - Smoke Alarm Testing Services


  • Lisa Hayes
    Lisa Hayes - LJ Hooker Gosford

    Dear Jeremy, I wanted to write and thank you for the amazing service that we have received from your team at SATS. Being a large office with over 650 properties I was initially hesitant to change from our previous provider despite mediocre service as I thought it would be a time consuming, painful process.
    The team at SATS could not have made the process easier, even assisting my team with Data entry and overseeing the implementation from start to finish. Since the change over some 12 months ago we have experienced exceptional customer service and any issues were rectified immediately. Your understanding of the Real Estate Industry and the importance of maintaining good relationships with our landlords is a credit to you and your staff. I would not hesitate to recommend your team to any Real Estate Agent looking for a fuss free way to manage their smoke alarm obligations. .

  • Ranita Patel
    Ranita Patel - Urban Property Agents -

    To find a company which represents and mirrors our values and ethics wasn’t the easiest of tasks and we have found that in SATS. Since working with SATS and their team we have been very impressed by their prompt service and professionalism.
    SATS are an innovative company who offer total solution for compliance within our portfolios for peace of mind for our landlords, tenants and property managers. What impressed me the most was their strong customer service focus and the exceptional service received each time we made contact with any of their team members. They are trustworthy, reliable, thorough, efficient and professional at all times. I would highly recommend SATS to any business looking to increase their quality of service to their clients.

  • Tammy Hutchinson
    Tammy Hutchinson - LJ Hooker Port Macquarie

    Our Team has been utilising Smoke Alarm Testing Services since their commencement over 6 years ago. SATS has always delivered 5 star service to our tenants, our department and our landlords.
    SATS professionalism and efficiency speaks for itself due to our office not receiving any complaints over the 6 years we have utilised their services. I would have no hesitation in recommending SATS to other Real Estate offices.

  • Matthew Shepherd
    Danny Malone - LJ Hooker Broadwater

    The service your company provides is excellent in all respects, just as you initially presented your service to us. At no time have we had the need to follow up with work orders and good reports have been received by all those you have been in contact with.
    Your company is very professional in your approach and service.

  • Caroline Glover
    Caroline Glover - Elders Toongabbie

    We have been impressed by the standard of service and professionalism in our dealings with SATS. This service is an affordable, quality risk management tool for our valued customers.

  • Kylie Walsh
    Kylie Walsh - General Manager - Di Jones

    I have been utilising the services of SATS for 5 years now and have been more than happy with the high level of professionalism, network involvement and ability to stay abreast of legislation relevant to our industry. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Jeremy Batten and his team at SATS.
    By engaging such a dynamic company as SATS your clients will only thank you.

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